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What We Do

Cane Creek Taxidermy specializes in North American and African taximdery.  We work with each customer indiviudally to find a custom mount to suit their needs, including the ability to create custom wood bases and pedestals to make every piece unique.  We provide taxidermy services for all of the following animals, plus more:  


  • North American Big Game Animals 

  • African Animals

  • Exotic Animals

  • Small Game Animals

  • Waterfowl

  • Deer

  • Fish 

Shipping Services


Cane Creek Taxidermy can also offer and provide assitance with shipping services. If you have a big game hunt or African safari planned, or you just don't live close enough to our shop, we can assist you with the process in shipping your animals to us.  We also offer shipping services to your home or desired location once your mount is complete. Please contact us for any questions and to arrange details regarding shipping services.



We ask for a minimum deposit of a $100 for all mounts. Life-size mounts require a minimum of $150 - deposit amounts required may vary depending on your project.  

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