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We understand what our clients want because, just like our clients, we are hunters too. We know the importance of creating a one-of-a-kind mount every time, because we are preserving once-in-a-lifetime memories every time. 

As an avid hunter, Jason Jenkins, owner of Cane Creek Taxidermy, understands the importance of detail, accuracy, and individuality when it comes to mounting his clients' trophies. Cane Creek Taxidermy individually designs each mount to the specifications of the client to ensure every mount is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Another important feature of Cane Creek Taxidermy, setting us apart from competitors, is the extreme detail of each mount to reflect anatomy accuracy and genuine wildlife behavior. Beyond our own personal hunting experience, we have spent countless hours studying the natural behavior of the wildlife we mount to ensure our work reflects the behavior of these animals in their natural habitat. 


Cane Creek Taxidermy specializes in trophy big game taxidermy and has mounted trophies for hunters across North America, Africa, and New Zealand. Please view our galleries for examples of our work, which we believe speaks for itself.  We are happy to work with all of our clients at any point of their hunting trip...before, during, and ensure they receive the best service and mount possible.   

Jason Jenkins
Owner, Cane Creek Taxidermy
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